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Sights of Moscow

What places can be visited in Moscow?

Moscow is a city with a long history, beautiful traditions and sophisticated culture. Here are collected many treasures of the Russian people. Here is a large number of local history, art and military museums. You can enjoy Russian cuisine in restaurants and cafes in Moscow.

We hope that you will leave keeping only the fondest memories of our city!

The main places which are recommended to visit during your stay in Moscow.

Kremlin and Manege Square

The Kremlin is not only a symbol of Russian statehood, it is one of the world’s largest architectural ensembles. It houses the Diamond Fund, the Historical Museum and the Armory. The territory of the Kremlin is diverse and multifaceted. Here you can see the ancient terems with chambers, temples, main buildings of the administration, and palaces. The Armory, which you can visit if you wish, is included in the complex of the Grand Palace of the Kremlin. Visiting the Kremlin, you can visit the Diamond Fund of Russia to see its richest collection. Walking through the Manege Square, you can admire St. Basil’s Cathedral. For many centuries, it was and continues to be a landmark of the city of Moscow. To visit it, go by metro to the Ploshchad Revolutsii station.

Kolomenskoye Museum

We invite you to visit the museum-reserve, which is famous for its history and architecture. From the 14th to the 17th century it was the summer estate of the tsar. The heyday of Kolomenskoye began in the reign of Alexei Mikhailovich. In 1667 a large wooden palace was built on its territory, surrounded by a wonderful garden. People could go inside through the gate with a tower clock. Tsar Peter I often visited this manor during his youth

To visit it, go by metro to the Kolomenskaya station.

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

One of the most famous Moscow parks. There are many interesting entertainment complexes and attractions on its territory. In the winter season, when all the attractions stop their work, a large ice rink is made in this park, which is located under the open sky. During the holidays, performances of various artists take place, shows and folk festivals are held.

To visit it, go by metro to the Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury station.

Tsaritsyno Reserve

An open-air historical architectural museum-reserve. Tsaritsyno originated thanks to Ekaterina II, who renamed the village Black dirt (Choyrnaya gryaz) inti Tsaritsyno and made it her residence. Here you can see quite a few interesting buildings — the Opera House, the Grand Palace and many other structures that have undergone a thorough restoration. The Bread House is also open, which houses an exhibition of works of art from the late 20th century. To visit it, go by metro to the Tsaritsyno station, then 10 minutes walk.

All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVTs)

The largest entertainment and educational complex in Russia — All-Russian Exhibition Center (VDNH) is located in the north-east of Moscow. Every day it attracts several thousand of citizens of Moscow and guests of the city. The exhibition include  pavilions and fountains built in the pre-war Soviet era and located along the wide paved alleys. There are more modern buildings dedicated to space, energy and cybernetics. 49 buildings are recognized as architectural masterpieces and monuments of cultural heritage. Expositions are of interest to people of all ages. The complex is harmonious — with park areas and ponds, it has relaxing atmosphere and fresh air.

To visit it, go by metro to the VDNH station.

Moscow Zoo

Moscow Zoo is the oldest and largest zoo in Russia, founded more than 150 years ago. Located in the center of Moscow, close to all major attractions of the city and is a great entertainment center for children and adults.

At the moment, the Moscow Zoo is not just a place for entertainment. Here you can see more than 1,150 species of animals, many of which are listed in the Red Book of Russia and the Red Book of the World.

To visit it, go by metro to the Krasnopresnenskaya station.

State Tretyakov Gallery

Today the gallery is a huge museum complex. The historic building of the gallery houses the exhibition of Russian art from the 11th to the beginning of the 20th century. There are very famous authors among them.

A special part of the museum’s collection is the Treasury. Here are artwork made of precious metals and stones of the 12th – 20th centuries.

To visit it, go by metro to the Tretyakovskaya station.

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is a museum complex possessing one of the largest art collections in Russia of foreign art, storing artifacts created by masters of different eras — from Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece to the present day.