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Basic Rules

1. General Provisions.

1.1. The Pokrovskoye-Streshnevo hotel is owned by the Russian Federation and corresponds to the hotel category *** (three stars).
1.2. The hotel rooms fully equipped and furnished, as well as additional services are provided in accordance with the rules and requirements for hotels of the *** category.

2. Room Reservation.

2.1. Booking a room is considered valid after the application has been confirmed by the reservations department or an online booking system, with a serial number in which the terms of accomodation, category of room, additional services (optional) and cost of services are indicated.

Confirmed applications have two statuses:

2.1.1. Non-guaranteed reservation — booking a hotel room in the absence of financial guarantees. In this case, the hotel guarantees the provision of rooms to the guest only until 18 o’clock on the specified day of arrival. In case of his absence within the specified time, the reservation is automatically canceled.
2.1.2. Guaranteed reservation — booking a hotel room on the terms of financial guarantees from the guest by making a prepayment:

  • cash payment;
  • providing data of the guest’s credit card and his consent to the debiting of funds from the account;
  • non-cash bank transfer;

2.2. The guest has the right to cancel the reservation no later than one day prior to the date of arrival without penalty. In case of late cancellation (less than a day) or non-arrival of the guest — the hotel will refund the previously made prepayment to the guest, minus the cost of the first night.

3. Procedure for Registration of Accomodation.

3.1. Hotel schedule of work — 24 hours.
3.2. Check-in from 14:00, check-out until 12:00.
3.3. For registration of accomodation at the hotel it is required to provide documents confirming the right of the guest to stay on the territory of the Russian Federation legally.
3.4. All rooms are for single or double accomodation.
3.5. Upon check-in at the hotel a guest card and room keys are issued.
3.6. Extension of stay is subject to availability.

4. Payment for Accommodation and Services.

4.1. Payment for hotel services is made at 100% of the amount until the provision of services. All payments for hotel services are made in Russian rubles.
4.2. Early check-in is possible only if there are available cleaned rooms and agreed with the reservations department.
4.3. In case the guest leaves after check-out time (12.00), an additional fee will be charged. All conditions must be specified in the reservations department.
4.4. If one child under the age of 6 years stays with his parents in the same room without a separate bed, no fee will be charged.
4.5. If it is impossible to provide a room according to the conditions of the confirmed reservation, the hotel provides the guest with a room of a higher category at no additional charge.
4.6. The hotel provides additional services only at the request of the guest, according to the list and cost of services.

5. Accommodation Rules

5.1. In order to ensure the order and safety of the guests, the following rules have been established:
5.1.1. The guests can go to the residential area of the hotel using guest cards. Unauthorized persons can be in a hotel room from 7.00 to 23.00 only in the presence of the guest residing in the room if there is a pass for visitors issued in the prescribed manner.
In this case, the visitor must present an identity document. In the absence of an identity document, the meeting should take place on the first floor of the hotel. Staying in hotel rooms from 23.00 to 7.00 is possible only after registration of accommodation in the prescribed manner.

5.1.2. In order to ensure order and safety of guests, it is prohibited:

  • Smoking throughout the hotel, including in the rooms, with the exception of designated areas. Smoking areas are equipped and labeled.
  • Passing the keys to the room and guest card to unauthorized persons.
  • Disrupting the peace of guests from 23.00 to 7.00.
    Throwing garbage, bottles and other items of the windows of the hotel.
  • Taking out the hotel property.
  • Leaving unauthorized persons in the room in his absence.

5.2. In order to comply with fire safety regulations, it is prohibited:

  • Using in the rooms non-standard (not provided for the equipment of the room) electric heating devices, as well as extension cords, adapters, etc.
  • Storing and bringing in rooms flammable and highly flammable materials, highly toxic substances, bulky things.
  • Leaving the electrical appliances on while going out of the room.

5.3. The hotel has the right to terminate the contract with the guest in the event of repeated or gross violation of the Hotel Rules. Upon termination of the contract, the guest is obliged to pay for the services actually rendered to him.

6. Rights and Obligations of Guests.

6.1. Upon detection of deficiencies in providing services, the guest has the right to demand from the administration of the hotel by his choice:

  • free elimination of deficiencies;
  • equivalent replacement services;
  • corresponding reduction in the price for the service provided;

6.2. Guests staying at the hotel have the right to terminate the contract for receiving the service at any time, reimbursing the hotel for the services provided to them at the time of termination of the contract.
6.3. Upon detection of loss of personal belongings from the room, the loss of the guest card, the room key, the guest must immediately inform the administration.
6.4. Leaving the hotel, the guest hands over the room key to the reception.

7. Rights and Obligations of Hotel Administration

7.1. Rooms are cleaned daily.
7.2. Bedding is changed once every three days.
7.2. At the request of the guest, the hotel must provide the following services at no additional charge:

  • calling ambulance, other special services;
  • waking up to a certain time;
  • providing a sewing kit;
  • single tea set;
  • other services at the discretion and possibilities of the hotel;

7.3. The hotel is obliged to eliminate the deficiencies in the provision of services.
7.4. The hotel is not responsible for the safety of money, other currency valuables, valuable items. The guest has the right to use the safe deposit box service.
7.5. The hotel administration is not responsible for the work of urban utilities (power, heat, water, telephone, Internet cutoff).
7.6. The hotel administration reserves the right to visit the room, without agreement with the guest, in case of technical problems in the room, smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case of violation of the order of accommodation by the guest.
7.7. Property forgotten or left in the hotel is kept for 30 calendar days.
7.8. Persons in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, violating public order, are not checked in to the hotel.